The Inside Scoop on Local Delivery

In November 2021 we contracted with local delivery service Hurry Team to offer our customers (you) the choice of having your purchases delivered right to your doorstep. Order before 4 pm and they'll get there the next day. If your purchase is between $19.99 - $49.99 it'll cost you $3.99; purchases of $50 or more are delivered free of charge.

While the service integrates seamlessly with our e-commerce site (you're on it), we can also have phone orders delivered, too. Includes most Portland zip codes (yes, east-side, too!) and Lake Oswego/Lake Grove. Give it a try! (If it doesn't give you the choice of local delivery, it is likely that your zip code is outside the service range.)

This is a terrific option, and Zach who runs Hurry Team is very professional and super easy to work with. Hurry works. It's also a great model for allowing customers to shop at a local business (us) and get your purchases delivered by a local delivery service, generally faster than you-know-who might get things to you.

For 27 years, we've been about connecting with our local community. This just seems like a very natural next step. Give it a try - we think you'll be very impressed with the easy and efficiency of this fantastic service!